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The City of Austin requires that a professional geologist complete City of Austin
Environmental Assessments (EAs) within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.  
Trenching and backfilling in environmentally sensitive areas requires inspection by a
Escarpment specializes in the following reports:
Escarpment Environmental is a sole proprietorship and women-owned business.  
Escarpment provides consulting services for landowners and developers needed
environmental studies and permitting assistance involving endangered species habitat
assessments, geologic assessments, wetland determinations, Phase I ESAs for All
Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), and surveys for critical environmental features, recharge
features, caves, & springs.

Escarpment has extensive experience in Central Texas and more recent experience
conducting geologic assessments on Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii.  Escarpment
helps land developers & planners identify potential environmental constraints so they
can be avoided. Our goal is to identify provide solutions based on a knowledge of
environmental regulations and scientific principles.
Geologic assessments
Cave and karst surveys
Sensitive Feature Protection Plans
Phase I Environmental Assessments for property transactions
Endangered Species Habitat Assessments and
Presence/Absence Surveys for Golden-Cheeked Warblers
Environmental  Assessments for Development Plan Submittal
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plans
Texas Dept, of Transportation (TxDOT) pre-certified
Geophysical methods (GPR & resistivity) to look for evidence of caves
and voids
Escarpment provides environmental consulting solutions for a variety of natural
resource challenges related to city, state, and federal environmental reporting and
compliance for development of commercial, light industrial, residential, utility
easements, and roadway projects.
Central Texas is home to 19 endangered
species (plus migratory bird species).
Threatened species include Mexican freetail
that roost in caves and under Congress
Ave. Bridge shown in the photo above.  
Escarpment can help you identify potential
threatened or endangered species habitat in
Central Texas.
Filling  a niche for natural resources compliance with commitment to expertise & reliable results.
Escarpment Environmental
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