Escarpment can help identify environmental permitting requirements for
development project in central Texas.  Save valuable time and effort by calling
Escarpment prior to site plan design.  Our goal is to help our clients avoid any
sensitive features or jurisdictional wetlands.  Features can be easily avoided in
the site development will help avoid delays in costly permitting for impacts to
sensitive features or endangered species habitat.  

Escarpment Environmental  provides the following types of services and reports
for commercial and single-family real estate development:

•      Geologic Assessments in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone         

•      Environmental Assessments for Site Development Permits

•      Void Closure Plans for Voids Encountered During Trenching or Construction

•      Trench Monitoring for Sensitive Features by  Licensed Geologist

•      Endangered Species Habitat Assessments

•      Integrated Pest Management Plans

•      Wetland and Jurisdictional Waters of the US Determinations

•      Phase I  Environmental Assessments for Commercial Property Transactions

•      ArcView, Global Positioning Systems, and AutoCAD

•      Void Detection with Ground Penetrating Radar

Karst Surveys
Filling  a niche for natural resources compliance
and commitment to quality service.